MADISON, Wis. – A 70-year-old man and Madison officers helped reunite a younger vacationer along with her long-saved spending cash in it this weekend, in line with a report. 

Madison police spokeseman Joel DeSpain mentioned a 12-year-old lady from Mississippi was in Madison Sunday at about 1 p.m. when she misplaced a purple purse that each one her money inside within the 300 block of State Street. 

Police mentioned that about an hour later, a  Madison man was strolling on North Henry Street, close to the Triangle Market, when he discovered a handbag. There was no identification in it, however there was greater than $120 money. Police mentioned the person referred to as police and turned the purse over to an officer. 

A few hours later, the lady’s father flagged down one other downtown officer. The dad defined the loss and the impression it was having on his daughter. The officer informed him the purse he described was in one other officer’s squad.

“One officer called the other, and soon, the purse was back where it belonged, in the hands of a young tourist,” DeSpain mentioned. 

DeSpain mentioned the lady emailed a thank-you word to the officers: 

“I still can’t believe not only someone turned it in, but you brought it to my dad!” the lady wrote. “Words cannot express how grateful I am. The Madison Police Department is the finest in the country and my new favorite!”

70-year-old Madison man, cops return younger vacationer's purse full of money by: Farah Grimm published:


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