Here’s another reason why it’s best to prep to your outside celebration prematurely: Handling sure citrus fruits exterior within the solar—say, if you happen to’re squeezing limes for margaritas or lemons in your grilled fish—can put you vulnerable to severe burns.

That’s what Adam Levy, a 52-year-old from Minnesota, discovered firsthand after he was getting ready for his daughter’s commencement celebration by squeezing limes. Hours later, his hand broke out in a two-inch blister and swelled to 4 occasions its regular dimension, and he started to really feel dizzy and nauseous, he instructed the Daily Mail.

Two days later, he went to the hospital. That was when he lastly made the connection between his second-degree burns and his lime prep.


“The blistering was precisely the place the lime juice droplets would have touched my pores and skin whereas I used to be squeezing them out,” he instructed the Daily Mail.

Turns out, limes had been the offender—and it’s not as loopy as it could sound. Credit a situation known as phytophotodermatitis, which is a flowery title for a rash or burn brought on by a chemical in citrus fruits known as furanocoumarin. It makes you extra delicate to the solar’s UV rays, says dermatologist Delphine Lee, M.D., Ph.D., director of translational immunology at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

That’s as a result of the acids in citrus can exfoliate the outer layer of your pores and skin, which thins it out, explains Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of beauty and medical analysis within the division of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital.  So if you happen to go exterior within the solar afterwards, you could be extra prone to getting burned. The substances in citrus fruits like limes can even react with the solar to trigger a extreme inflammatory response, generally known as a margarita burn,  he says. (In truth, it’s simply one of many stunning issues that may make your sunburn even worse.)


As with different sunburns, you possible received’t discover it immediately—however a number of hours later, chances are you’ll begin to expertise the redness, irritation, and blistering. And as with Levy, the rash will possible present up mimicking the lime or lemon juice working down your arm.

In much less extreme circumstances, your physician may prescribe an anti-inflammatory ointment to scale back discomfort. But in Levy’s case, he was placed on an IV drip of steroids and antihistamines, and even had his blister lanced.

As the burns heal, you is perhaps left with painless brown spots known as hyperpigmentation, which may final for weeks or months, says Dr. Lee.

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To forestall these citrus burns from occurring within the first place, put together something that entails lime or lemon juice inside—or, at the very least, within the shade. And put on rubber gloves for further safety. 

Then, you should definitely wash your arms effectively after dealing with the fruit, Dr. Lee advises. 

Additional reporting by Alisa Hrustic and Marygrace Taylor

This article first appeared on Men’s Health. 

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