Christian comic books or just another Niche

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Christian comic book, auto racing, skateboarding, soccer, math or “clothed female superheroes” can all be considered a comic book niche.
I call them a comic book niche because these comic books would be made to appeal to or meet the needs to a certain group of people.
I would be very realistic with you. Everyone would not like what you have produced as a creator that is why it is impossible to create a comic book that everyone likes. People have different taste. With the number of comic book creators or aspiring creators only very few become what you can call successful. My belief is that more creators would be successful if they can create a comic book that relates to certain masses instead of trying to gratify everyone.
A Christian comic book is one of the best and easiest examples I could think of at the moment. Believe it or not there is a market for Christian comic books. People looking for a Christian comic book would most likely not be interested in a sexually oriented comic. At least let’s hope not. But some creators and producers think that in order to make it as a comic book creator you have to come up with something that is erotic. We are all familiar with the common belief that sex sells, so the more barely clothed women and erotic material you put in the comic book the better your chances is suppose to be to get an audience. Many creators who created their comic book to fit this belief end up with a shock when they realize that there comic is still not getting readers. A sexually oriented comic book would most likely get some looks, and that is it. There would be no serious purchaser or reader because sexually oriented materials could be seen everywhere, but a good story is not as easy to come by.
My point is creators would most likely have a better chance at making it in the comic book world by creating comics that caters to certain people or needs rather than trying to compete with the big boys. For example, a Christian comic book would cater to a committed Christian, just like a comic book about evolution would appeal to a devoted evolutionist. I am not saying since there is a good market for a Christian comic book that creators should try to create a Christian comic book. Not at all, because if a Christian comic is not your interest, then please don’t try it. But do find a comic book niche of interest to you and try to create a good storyline for it.
Know that to make a comic book for a specific need or people; you would be expanding your creativity because you would be forced to come up with new ideas relating to your comic book focus.


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