WASHINGTON – NASA revealed Monday 10 new rocky, Earth-sized planets that might doubtlessly have liquid water and help life.

The Kepler mission staff launched a survey of 219 potential exoplanets — planets exterior of our photo voltaic system — that had been detected by the area observatory launched in 2009 to scan the Milky Way galaxy.

Ten of the brand new discoveries had been orbiting their suns at a distance much like Earth’s orbit across the solar, the so-called liveable zone that might doubtlessly have liquid water and maintain life.

Kepler has already found four,034 potential exoplanets, 2,335 of which have been confirmed by different telescopes as precise planets.

The 10 new Earth-size planets convey the entire to 50 that exist in liveable zones across the galaxy.

“This carefully-measured catalogue is the foundation for directly answering one of the astronomy’s most compelling questions — how many planets like our Earth are in the galaxy?” mentioned Susan Thompson, a Kepler analysis scientist and lead writer of the most recent examine.

The newest findings had been launched on the Fourth Kepler and K2 science convention being held this week at NASA’s Ames Research centre in California.

The Kepler telescope detects the presence of planets by registering minuscule drops in a star’s brightness that happens when a planet crosses in entrance of it, a motion often known as a transit.

NASA mentioned the most recent catalogue is essentially the most full and detailed survey of potential exoplanets but compiled. The telescope has studied some 150,000 stars within the Cygnus constellation, a survey which NASA mentioned is now full.

The mission bumped into technical issues in 2013 when mechanisms used to show the spacecraft failed however the telescope has continued trying to find doubtlessly liveable planets as a part of its K2 venture.


eNCA | NASA discovers 10 new Earth-size exoplanets by: Elie Abi Younes published:


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