A masculine face is aesthetically more pleasing, with a strong jawline and an adequate chin length.

The Indian male population is deficient in facial length – especially in the lower 1/3. This is a deviation from the golden ratio of the face. A masculine face is aesthetically more pleasing, with a strong jawline and an adequate chin length.

Men are opting for a bearded look, which adds to their facial length, taking them closer to the golden ratio. It definitely gives them a more masculine appeal. Hence, Beard reshaping in the latest trend in the men’s cosmetic arena.  In a bid to maintain a neat and presentable beard, beard reshaping entails a laser hair reduction to attain a desired beard texture and shape.

For the longest time,  getting a surgical chin implant or a temporary chin correction with Hyaluronic acid fillers was the way forward. But off late,  the trend of getting an optical illusion of chin length by growing a beard aka beard reshaping  is only getting popular by the day.

The reshaping treatment involves a neat designing of the beard. The beard is then shaved into a desired shape. Followed by a laser therapy,  which is done on the areas where no hair is desired. Places like the borders of the beard and the neck.

The entire session from shaving to therapy takes about ½ hour. The process is to be repeated once in every 4-6 weeks for 6-8 sessions.

There will be a gradual reduction in hair with every session about 20 percent. The treatment is complete after this; however, some maintenance sessions may be required after the treatment depending on the growth.

The treatment is very safe and almost painless.

Early detection is always recommended as laser does not work on grey hair. So, the sooner we get it done the better! Don’t wait for your hair to turn grey!

A gap between sessions is strongly recommended. This is because the hair cycle follows a set pattern. There is no down time  for the treatment.

The technology used and the machines used must be standardised and FDA approved for assured safety and results. The use of a supranoice diode machine is ideal, as it employs alexandrite technology for fine hair.

It is strongly suggested to consult a  doctor and get a medical check-up done before going ahead.

— The writer is a facial aesthetics  expert.

Facial hair? please care! by: Pamela Hendrix published:


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