By Luke C Devines

From The Very Moment He Teamed Up With Raila In 2013, Ndugu Weta Has Walked With Well Marked Steps.

Recently he and John Mbadi confronted Godec mundu khu mundu. Wetangula informed the person in no unsure phrases: WE WILL NOT STOP OUR PLANS NOR SWEEP ELECTORAL INJUSTICES UNDER THE CARPET.

Today he met with FORD-Okay ladies Caucus. He made it too clear to Kenyans that NASA plans are on the right track as deliberate. On his MP Onyonka who has declared his assist for Uhuru, Wetangula stated THAT IS ONYONKA’S PERSONAL VIEW, IN NO WAY FORD Okay POSITION. Swearing in Raila stays!

Saa hii kila mtu ongea na Principal wa kwenu asiongee lugha ya MBELE NYUMA, NYUMA MBELE! All we need to hear from our Principals are ONLY such statements and STAND like Wetangula’s. Saa hii hata Raila asithubutu kuongea CONTRARY to SWEARING or CANAAN or any delay!!


Hon Wetangula Has Surprised Many With His Solid Support Of Raila NASA by: Elie Abi Younes published:


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