Whoa! What occurred to Khloe Kardashian’s popular curves ?! We cannot inform if she’s simply got them concealed in her comfortable sweats or if she’s included some weight to her 24- inch waist-trained waist.

Ofcourse in some cases a woman will let herself go a little once she gets comfy with her male– she’ll begin using sweats and fur slides when she leaves your home; she’ll leave the makeup in the house and she’ll avoid the blow-out. And do not go disliking us in the remarks for “shaming” Khloe– you understand we LOVE Khloe and we believe she looks fantastic, however no lady can inform us we’re being politically inaccurate or sexist by stating that often ladies take it down a couple notches once they’ve got their male locked down …

Speakingof locked down … the other description for Khlo looking a little on the bigger side might be … that possibly … she’s pregnant!!!

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