The figures, who challenge an air of innocence and a pollyanish sense of contentment, look to be within the midst of residing completely satisfied and affluent lives, however there’s something amiss mendacity simply beneath the floor of the work. The most simply distinguishable sign is given within the type of the twisted branches of the peach blossom timber featured in most of the work. They are in full bloom, which brings associations of spring and renewal, however the unnatural positions of the branches counsel a aware contortion that has distorted what was as soon as lovely and pure. 

Tam chooses to make use of Dong Ho folks work within the background of lots of his works as an overarching symbolic illustration of conventional Vietnamese tradition. The conventional themes of those work embody good luck indicators, historic figures, folks allegories and well-liked tales. The compositions are inclined to replicate the life and considerations of a rural individuals residing in shut commune with nature. Most generally related to Tet, Dong Ho work have lengthy been utilized in Vietnam by craftspeople to specific their considerations about social, political and cultural points. As a metaphor for cultural loss, Tam’s selection of those work is an apt one. Once produced by lots of of craftspeople in plenty of villages of Northern Vietnam, the observe has all however died out. 

While Tam’s is an basically conservative imaginative and prescient, his work shouldn’t be considered as an indictment of Western tradition, which he calls “civilised, progressive and compelling.” Rather, the artist is disturbed by the much less constructive unintended effects of Vietnam’s modernisation together with the rampant consumerism and narcissism the method has engendered. 

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