What a day for Harry Styles – two of the 23 year-old males that strike crippling need in teen lady’s hearts around the globe, Justin Bieber and Liam Payne, have each weighed on the previous One Directioner’s solo profession.

Payne, who at the moment launched his first solo single “Strip That Down” that includes Quavo, was requested to speak about every of the man’s solo careers.

“Niall’s gone down the singer-songwritery route,” he stated of the smol, mushy blonde. “Which is pretty cool.”

Harry, nevertheless, he did not fairly get, as a result of he is only a common ol’ “Rack City” man.

“I’ll be honest with you, it’s not my sort of music,” Payne stated. “It’s not something I’d listen to, but I think he did a great job of doing what he wanted to do. That’s the way I’d put it best, I think.”

“I think the funny thing is, he’d say the same thing about me because he doesn’t really listen to hip-hop music. My song’s more ‘Rack City,’ and his song’s more… of a different era to something I’d listen to, I guess.”

You may assume, as a hip-hop man, you’ll select a special tune or a special rapper altogether to showcase your style, however every to their very own.

Justin Bieber, nevertheless, has nothing however pretty issues to say about Harry through an Instagram image taken on his cellphone of his laptop display.

Let me ask you, which half is the strangest? That Justin Bieber idly watches episodes of Carpool Karaoke? That he took the day trip of his busy schedule to congratulate Harry Styles? That he ensured the video was paused on a shot of Harry smiling for the image? Or that Justin Bieber, a millennial, prefers Safari?

Sounds like somebody ought to make a ballot to me.

[h/t Cosmopolitan]
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Justin Bieber Loves Harry Styles' New Music, Liam Payne Kinda Doesn't by: Pamela Hendrix published:


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