The internet has a thing for unicorns right now, but cult-favorite beauty brand Lime Crime—known for its metallic, highly-pigmented cosmetics—has always been on board. So it’s no surprise that they’re launching a collection of 11 enchanting hair dyes appropriately called “Unicorn Hair.”

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As you can imagine, the collection is more for the Pegasuses of the world than the Sea Biscuits, so if you’re going for an ash blonde or chocolate brown, you should probably look elsewhere. The 11 shades in this line are a range of way more out-there hues, with names like “Bunny” (a pastel baby pink tint) and “Dirty Mermaid” (a muted seafoam green).

Lime Crime’s Instagram feed has been filled with hair inspo posts the past few weeks that include the hashtag #UnicornHair, so while the product doesn’t yet have an official release date, we suspect the dyes are dropping in April.

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Each jar will sell for $16 on—you can even sign up for e-mail notifications, if you’re hellbent (or, since we’re talking unicorns here, heavenbent?) on getting there first.

Lime Crime's New Unicorn Hair Dyes Are Going to Make the Internet Explode by: Pamela Hendrix published:


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