Director Mandla Dube, received the prestigious award from the Egyptian Minister of Arts and Culture for the Best Film Award at the festival that took place in the historic Old and New Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt.

Mandla explained that the award which is named after Tutankhamen, who was a young king in ancient Egypt, resonated with the spirit struggle icon Solomon Mahlangu, who Kalushi is based on. 

The filmmaker described accepting the award as a “priceless moment” for many reasons, one of them being that his mentor and Ethiopian filmmaker Haile Gerima was there to witness the moment.

Mandla added that Haile played a huge part in inspiring him to make the movie.

“My mentor and guru, was sitting in the audience as I received the award and it felt wonderful. The audience there is predominantly Arab but they could relate with the story of Solomon Mahlangu.

“That shows that the universal theme of love, courage, identity and overcoming odds by all means moves people across all boards,” he explained.

Mandla added that he was incredibly proud of the cast and crew, who were overjoyed at winning the award.

“I really want to thank the cast and crew that worked really good together. We are proud that other Africans are celebrating another African victory, because it [Kalushi] is an African victory,” he said.

Mandla also revealed that Kalushi would be screened at other international film festivals including the New York African Film Festival in Washington later this month.

It will also be screened at the British Film Institute on Thursday, April 6, which coincides with death anniversary of Solomon Mahlangu.

The cast of Kalushi includes Thabo Rametsi as Solomon Mahlangu, Thabo Malema, Louw Venter , Marcel van Heerden, and Dr. Gcina Mhlophe.

Local flick Kalushi bags international praise at prestigious film festival by: Greezoo  published:


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