Love & Romance – A Celebration On Valentine’s Day

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Saint Valentine’s Day, simply called Valentine’s Day, is a day for people in love and is observed every February 14 of the year. Many countries, especially Western countries, celebrate Valentine’s Day even if it is a working day. It states that Valentine’s Day is a good opportunity to spice up one’s relationship between his or her significant someone since studies show that after months and years of being into a relationship, the passion and love between the couple begins to lose charm and actuality. In celebrating Valentine’s Day, the feeling of being important to a special someone brings back. It is a good day to set aside the excuses and worries in order to show the love that one has professed.
Historically, Valentine’s Day first became related with romantic love in the High Middle Ages when the customary practices of courtly love prospered. In the 15th century, the ethic of courtly love has evolved into an affair in which lovers were able to show and express their love for the other person by giving flowers, greeting cards, and offering sweets such as chocolates. In the modern times, the symbols of Valentine’s Day include doves, heart-shaped outline, and the figure of a cupid. It is believed that cupid is the son of Venus, the goddess of love, and is one of the little angels that are mischievous. In Greek mythology, anyone that is hit by Cupid’s bow will not die but will fall in love to the first person that will be seen. Sometimes, the legend of this belief is spread to create funny situations.
It must not be forgotten that love is still the sweetest feeling that one can ever felt since it touches the heart and the soul in the most beautiful way. On the other hand, romance is the way on how love is being expressed. Romance is also an important factor in strengthening a relationship. It is important to be romantic in Valentine’s Day since it gives the feeling of care, warmth, and togetherness between the two people in love. It makes the relationship understandable and stronger. Romance builds affection, respect, and admiration to that special someone. With this, many simple ideas on how one can put romance on Valentine’s Day has been born. It is in Valentine’s Day that one is able to realize the need to make romance a must activity to avoid a boring and dull life.
There are many brilliant ideas to treasure a relationship. One just needs to find out what things are perfect for oneself and for his or her partner. One’s Valentine’s Day must be filled with excitement and passion in a way that his or her partner can feel the warmth of being loved. It cites creative ways in showing love such as giving a dozen of red roses, cooking a romantic meal for one’s loved one, and starting the day by not failing to complement one’s loved one. Also suggested is to hold hands in public to announce the love felt in the heart, making a copy of one’s wedding photo in a special frame, and spending lots of time with that significant person. One may also do effort to dedicate a song, making a personalized card to tell that special person how grateful one is for finding a true love, and creating a scrapbook filled with pictures with the both of you.
In Europe, Valentine’s Day has different regional customs. In Denmark and Norway, Valentine’s Day is not celebrated as something of a big deal. The Danish and Norwegians are not romantic in that special day until they were influenced by American culture. In Finland, Valentine’s Day is more regarded as a celebration that is to recognize the sales of flowers and cosmetics and a day to cherish good friends, not only for loved ones. In Latin American countries, Valentine’s Day, also known as the Day of Love and Friendship, is celebrated as a way to show appreciation for friends. In Brazil, Valentine’s Day is not much celebrated since it falls too little on or after the Brazilian Carnival.


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