Nasahopes the chemicals will produce an artifcial aurora.

Nasais performing a high-flying science experiment to & nbsp;colour the skies above the United States & nbsp;with bluish green and red clouds.

Thearea company prepared to send out up a & nbsp;little rocket bring 10 cylinders of barium and other chemicals from WallopsIsland, Virginia in between 2pm-2. Since of cloud,30pm on Wednesday (NZT) however it was called off.

Theexperiment intends to find out more about charged particles at the top of Earth’s environment.

The ampule doors on the sounding rocket payload are open during testing at the Wallops Flight Facility.


Theampule doors on the sounding rocket payload are open throughout screening at theWallopsFlightFacility

Thechemicals will blend with the environment to produce synthetically coloured clouds, like an aurora, so researchers can study the method air relocations at really high elevations. 

* Solarflare assists AuroraAustralis
* Nasaprepares to touch the sun
* The ‘Earth- like’ world & nbsp;simply 39 light-years away
* Thefinest Aurora photos
* SouthernLights pleasure New Zealand

Wednesday’s effort was the 6th Nasahas actually made to introduce the rocket, after previous launches were ditched since of weather condition. It stated it would attempt once again on Thursday, from 2pm.

Theexperiment has its own Facebookand Twitter& nbsp;pages, & nbsp;and can be seen on NasaTELEVISION




Themap revealing where the experiment will show up from along the United StatesAtlanticcoast.



Nasa is attempting to colour the skies and make a synthetic aurora by: Elie Abi Younes published:


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