Weathergeeks, brace yourselves: NASA simply launched satellite pictures of the current snowfall in the Sahara Desert.

Newsreports from Algeria exposed that about 15 inches & nbsp;of snow & nbsp;covered the crests of high, ruddy dune and mountain peaks near the town of A & iuml;n S & eacute;fra near the Moroccan border after a freak winter season storm.

Photosof the exceptional scene that looked like red velour cake cleaned in powdered sugar rapidly went viral.

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Theinformation for the images was recorded by the OperationalLand Imager (OLI) on Landsat 8 and after that the image was “draped over a global digital elevation model, built from data acquired by NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topography Mission,” NASA reports

Thesenewest snowy pictures of the African desert deal extra point of view on the transcendent sight that took place in a location where severe temperature levels are regular however snow is unusual.

TheSahara has actually seen snow 4 times in the past 37 years.

TheWashington Post reportsthat the location “hadn’t seen snow in nearly 40 years until it happened for the first time this century in 2017. Even more odd, now, is the fact that it snowed two years in a row. In 1979, a similar snow storm lasted around 30 minutes. The winter storms in Algeria, they are short.”

Theimages ended up being emblematic of the odd weather condition the world has actually seen this month, consisting of an Australian heat wave that boiled the brains of bats and a cold spell on the East Coast that brought snow to generally balmy Florida.

NASA launches remarkably cool pictures of snowfall in the Sahara by: Elie Abi Younes published:


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