In a quote to produce a roadmap for the innovation and organisation development of the vehicle market, Nissanhas actually revealed a fresh contract with NASA.NASA Ames Research Centre in California’s Silicon Valley and Nissan will work together on research study and innovation advancement for future self-governing movement services, consisting of a working presentation in SiliconValley Researchers from the Nissan Research Centre in Silicon Valley and NASA Ames have actually been collaborating to advance self-governing car systems.InJanuary in 2015, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nissan presented Nissan Seamless Autonomous Mobility (SAM), a brand-new platform for handling fleets of self-governing automobiles, established from NASA innovation.

“We built SAM from technology NASA developed for managing interplanetary rovers as they move around unpredictable landscapes,”stated Maarten Sierhuis, director of the Nissan Research Centre in Silicon Valley.”The final stage of our existing research agreement with NASA will bring us closer to that goal and test SAM in a working demonstration on public streets,”he included.

Theresearch study partnership with NASA roadmap includes 3 workstreams of inter-related developments in self-governing drive (IntelligentDrive), electrification (IntelligentPower) and facilities innovations (IntelligentIntegration).”One of NASA’s strategic goals is to transfer the technology developed to advance NASA mission and programme objectives to broader commercial and social applications,”stated Eugene Tu, Centre Director, NASA Ames.

Nissan, NASA extend research study into self-driving automobiles by: Elie Abi Younes published:


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