A year from today, NASA researchers will have an opportunity to check out a little area rock in the external planetary system. It will be the most far-off item ever gone to by a spacecraft. KNAU & rsquo;s Melissa Sevigny reports.

Theitem lies in the Kuiper Belt 4 billion miles fromEarth It & rsquo;s the next stop for NASA & rsquo;s New Horizons, the very first spacecraft to record up-close photos of Pluto.

WillGrundy of Flagstaff & rsquo;s Lowell Observatory is on the objective group. “We’d really like to see how the solar system formed, and to do that you have go to the places where there are leftovers from that time, and the Kuiper Belt is this large disk of debris outside the giant planets that is chock-full of these objects,” he states.

Grundystates not much is understood about this item. It & rsquo;s dark red in color and has a bumpy shape. It may be really 2things in close orbit, and it might have at least one small moon.

Scientistswill commemorate the New Years’ & rsquo; Day flyby from objective control in Maryland next year.

One Year Out, NASA Spacecraft Aims for Kuiper Belt Object by: Elie Abi Younes published:


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