Qualcommhas actually declined Broadcom’s newest $121billion takeover deal however stated it is prepared to take a seat with Chief Executive Hock Tan to talk about the proposition.

Ina letter to Tan on Thursday, Qualcomm Executive Chairman Paul Jacobs stated the business’s board of directors thinks the current $82per share deal “materially undervalues Qualcomm and falls well short of the firm regulatory commitment the board would demand given the significant downside risk of a failed transaction.”

ButQualcomm’s board is prepared to consult with Tan so he can describe how he would try to bridge the spaces in worth, offer certainty and other unaddressed concerns.

Therelocation is the very first time Qualcomm has stated it would take a seat with Tan after he started pursuing an acquisition of Qualcomm in November.

Atthat time, Tan provided $70per share for Qualcomm, which the board declined as too low. Tan then chose alternative prospects to change all 11 members of Qualcomm’s board of directors in a hostile takeover quote.

Qualcomminvestors are slated to vote on either Broadcom’s or Qualcomm’s board prospects by the business’s yearly conference on March 6.

OnMonday, Tan improved his deal to $82per share– with $60in money and $22in Broadcom stock.

Inthe letter, Qualcomm’s board stated it is looking for clearness on whether Tan would want to increase the rate. In addition, it needs to know exactly what actions he would require to make sure the offer closes.

Qualcommcompetes that overlap in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other line of product, in addition to consumer issues, might lead to a prolonged evaluation by international regulators, who may need selling departments or obstruct the offer outright.

“The differences in our business models expose the company to significant customer and regulatory risk between signing and closing an agreement,”the letter stated. “If you are not willing to agree to do whatever is necessary to ensure a transaction closes, we will need you to be extremely clear and specific about exactly what actions you would refuse to take so that we can properly evaluate the risk to Qualcomm’s shareholders.”

Broadcomhad not yet reacted to an ask for remark.

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