SerenaWilliams is not just the best professional athlete of perpetuity, a dancer extraordinaire, and a supporter for black ladies’s postnatal care, however likewise, most just recently, the brain behind a brand-new cosmetics brand name. TMZreportsthat Williams submitted a hallmark on the name “Aneres,” which is her given name spelled in reverse, this January.

Sheinitially trademarked the name in 2003 to utilize for a clothes business, however is now utilizing it for 18 other classifications consisting of makeup like eye liner, lipstick, and structure, fragrance, cream, hair shampoo, makeup brushes, and, intriguingly, ornamental knapsack appeals.

Thenews of her brand-new appeal line comes simply days after her very first match (and win) after a 14- month break surrounding the birth of her very first kid, Alexis OlympiaOhanian She marked the celebration with a gold-toned “S” Serena pin that was readily available to fans who concerned see her play.

Here’s hoping she continues continues representing her tennis accomplishments with her brand-new appeal brand name. We’re currently beginning an emergency situation fund for whenever the line drops.

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Serena Williams Is Launching a Beauty Line by: Pamela Hendrix published:


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