TT Electronics revealed the HPWC (high pulse standing up to chip) series of high energy rise resistor items. The high pulse resistors are created to make the most of the level of rise efficiency readily available in a single-sided flat chip style.  The HPWC variety is perfect for security and discharge applications in compact power products and power control circuits where a resistance tolerance of 5 percent is needed.

Availablein 4 sizes from 0805 to 2512, HPWC resistors stand up to as much as 6.5kV peak for a 1.2/50& micro;s rise and as much as 3kW for a 0.1ms pulse. The item is basically an advancement of TT Electronics’ & rsquo; PWC (pulse standing up to chip) resistors however where the resistance worth is changed by exact procedure control instead of by laser cutting. This procedure enhances the level and takes full advantage of of rise efficiency readily available in a single-sided flat chip style. Resistance worths readily available are from 1R0 to 100 K, and there are 4 sizes from 0805 to 2512, with scores from 0.25to 2W.

Providingimproved capability to take in high energy rises, these high energy chip resistors are perfect for power products, breaker, motor drives and medical screen input security.  As such, the thick-film resistors are focused on designers of compact SMD circuits in power conversion, movement control and security applications in the medical and commercial markets.

Factorsdriving the need for this kind of item are the development in dispersed power management and movement control in automatic and commercial systems, and pressure to lower size and weight whilst increasing rise security for EMC regulative compliance and item dependability.

TT Electronics’ & rsquo; HPWC resistors & rsquo; compact PCB footprint decreases usage of important PCB location, whilst the lack of laser cutting suggests no present crowding and a substantial avoidance of locations, enhancing item dependability.  Significantly, the HPWC series uses a greater rise efficiency than essential completing parts from other business.

Asa single-minded proposal from a purchaser/specifiers point of view, TT Electronics’ & rsquo; HPWC resistors offer prominent levels of rise security within a provided PCB footprint while conserving area and improving dependability.

TT Electronics plc

TT Electronics HPWC High Energy Surge Resistor by: Steve Melvin published:


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