Almosteveryone desires much better skin, however not everybody wishes to put in all the heavy lifting needed.

ButDearBrightly, a Y Combinator- backed business, wishes to streamline the procedure of making Rx retinoids available to everybody.

Retonoidis an umbrella term for both retinols and Rx retinoids, which are made from Vitamin A and promote quick skin cell turnover, assisting with skin concerns from aging to acne. Retinols, nevertheless, can be discovered over-the-counter and are shown to be much weaker than prescription retinoids, as they & rsquo;re frequently missing out on the active component of retinoic acid.

Inother words, retinols are much more available however far less reliable than Rx alternatives. On the other hand, reserving time to see a skin specialist for simply cosmetic factors isn & rsquo;t constantly a top priority for folks, even if they desire much better skin.

That& rsquo;s where DearBrightly actions in.

Usersmerely go to to DearBrightly and address a couple of concerns about their skin, developed in cooperation with skin doctors, and send out in a couple of images of their skin. DearBrightly then sends out that information along to among their skin specialist partners, who figure out the ideal prescription level and routine.

Usersare then sent their custom-made Rx retinoid cream without ever needing to go to a skin specialist.

DearBrightly just deals with PCAB-accredited drug stores, and is presently just functional in California, as laws differ from one state to another.

DearBrightly charges a service charge to both the skin doctors composing prescriptions along with the consumer getting their brand-new skin cream. Given how young the business is, this goes through alter. Still, cofounder and CEO Amy Chiu states the expense to customers is more economical than it would be to go to a skin specialist offline.

YC-backed DearBrightly makes Rx skin care more available by: Pamela Hendrix published:


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