Theweirdest story ever simply keeps getting weirder …

ViliFualaau declared legal separation the other day from other half Mary Kay Letourneau, however they’re not having marital issues, the 33- year-old informed Radarin an unusual interview. In case you forgot, Letourneau served more than 7 years in jail for making love with Fualaau when he was her 6th grade trainee back in1996 They went on to have and wed 2 kids together.

“It’s not necessarily what you think. Everything is fine between us. All the rumors that you hear between us. It’s fine. Of course [we are still in love]. A piece of paper doesn’t break someone’s feelings!”he informed the outlet.

Umm, what?

Apparently, he’s aiming to get accredited as a supplier for Cigaweed” & rdquo; cannabis cigarettes, and being wed to a felon isn’t really going to assist the licensure procedure.

“When you want to get licensed, they do background checks on both parties. If I decide to be a part of it I have to be licensed and I have to be vetted and so does a spouse. She has a past. She has a history,”he discussed.

Letourneaudoes not appear to like this concept quite, since she simply submitted a petition with the court to have her partner’s separation case dismissed, TMZreports. Vili’s legal representative states her customer is moving on with his case anyhow.

Soundslike they have to get on the very same page!