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NASA telescope sees Earth as a celestial lightsaber

Earthappears like a radiant Star Wars lightsaber in this Kepler Space Telescope image.


Ifyou saw this NASAimage from context, exactly what would you believe it was? 

A still from a J.J. Abrams motion picture? The opening credits for a Star Trek program? Darth Maul’s StarWarslightsaber powering up? 

Actually, it’s our house world Earth like you’ve never ever seen it in the past.

Theimage originates from NASA’s planet-hunting Keplerarea telescopeand it’s absolutely various from the blue marble-style area pictures we’re utilized to seeing. 

Keplersnapped the eye-searing searchDec 10, 2017 while NASA was changing the telescope’s field of vision. 

“Earth’s reflection as it slipped past was so extraordinarily bright that it created a saber-like saturation bleed across the instrument’s sensors, obscuring the neighboring moon,”stated NASAin a release on Wednesday.

Itlikewise assisted that Kepler was 94 million miles (151million kilometers) far from Earth at the time. NASA states the flashlight-like image highlights the level of sensitivity of Kepler’s photometer, which searches for modifications in brightness as far-off worlds cross in front of stars.

Keplerreleased in 2009 and has actually been providing news of remote worldssince. The telescope has actually identified countless prospect exoplanets and is on an objective to discover possibly Earth- like worlds found in the habitable zones around their stars.


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