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Posting Rules

Rule No. 1:

They call me Trumper for a good reason and this is MY website. If you intend to join the discussions I expect you to respect my rules  and show all the respect to our president Donald J. Trump regardless of your personal opinion about him or his policies.

Whether you are a conservative, republican, liberal, democrat, or whatever you are welcome to contribute and share your thoughts on this Website absolutely Free of any charge. However, you are not allowed to use profanity under any circumstance.

Rule No. 2:

They still call me Trumper and this is still my website.

For those of you trying to persuade supporters of president Trump to switch sides using techniques such as referrals to fake biased media articles or headline news, or by intimidation or any other form of anti-logic tactics, I tell you You Are Wasting Your Time.

We are not gullible nor did we make our mind while strolling on the street. We have a clear objective and we are here to follow up on our dreams to Make America Great Again, Lower Taxes, Drain the Swamp, Build the Wall, Ban Terrorists, Keep Illegals Out.

Rule No. 3:

For now there aren’t any, so refer to N0. 1

Conspiracy Theory! Why do Liberals want to keep the flow of illegal immigrants into the USA

Follow the links below to articles related to complex conspiracy theories.


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Our mission is clear and obvious. We are setting up this website for the sole purpose to support president Donald Trump in his mission to clean the mess done over the last 25 years or so.

You can help us achieve this purpose by exposing the lies of the fake media and corrupt politicians, and by pronouncing the goals and achievements of DJT while in office.

And to be honest with ourselves, do not hesitate to point out any mistakes done by president Trump or any of his staff hoping to correct things before they explode in everybody’s face. After all we aim to Make America Great Again.

About Religions

I’d like to make one thing clear and very clear and I think most of our readers and contributors will agree with me. We are NOT in any form or mean against any religion in particular not against Islam nor do we support other religions.

However, we all want to keep our country safe for us and our children and we want to preserve our identity and culture. The factual matter today is that Radical Islam is on a jihad to exterminate everyone not inline with its ideology starting with none muslims i.e. Christians as they form the imminent threat to its very existence.

Another fact is that Radical Islam could have never become this strong and spread if it wasn’t for the clear support from most sunni muslims worldwide and for the support stemming from some western media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC and likes.

All comments are welcome as long as there are no insults to any particular religion, but rather critics and educated opinions.

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